Migration of UAccess Financials Tutorials

Tue, 02/23/2021 - 9:39 am

The UAccess Financials Tutorials, also known as UPK Tutorials, have moved to EDGE Learning. Learners may view them by searching the course catalog for UAccess Financials Reference Guides or following the EDGE course link. The EDGE platform conveniently allows tutorials to be housed in one location and accessible on-demand from any personal computing device.

Direct links to the tutorials that are outside EDGE Learning will be deactivated beginning March 1, 2021.

To access the UPK Tutorials in EDGE:

  • Open the EDGE class link and select Enroll to register.
  • From the class description window, select Launch
  • Scroll the tutorial menu to view all the modules or to locate a specific one. Select any module to begin.
  • Read the module introduction and list of topics addressed. 
  • Launch the UAccess Financials Tutorials by selecting Continue and Start Player
  • Select Start Player once again. 
  • Use the left-hand menu to refine navigation. 

For questions regarding UAccess Financials Tutorials, please contact Initiatives & Outreach at outreach@fso.arizona.edu.