New Vendor Onboarding in UAccess Financials

Thu, 08/19/2021 - 8:45 am

Accounts Payable is excited to announce the implementation of a new vendor onboarding process to simplify the collection of Form W-9 tax reporting information, as well as a requesting Automatic Clearing House (ACH) banking details for direct deposits of University payments to vendors.

How it works
Upon approval of a new vendor created in UAccess Financials, a “Welcome to the University of Arizona” email will be sent to them. This email will contain a University Substitute W-9 and a University ACH Authorization form, if one is not on file. The forms are to be completed by the vendor and returned to Accounts Payable via the Accounts Payable Upload to complete the University vendor record.

What changed
The Tax ID requirement on a Purchase Order (PO) vendor has been removed and users are no longer required to obtain an IRS Form W-9 to submit a Purchase Order vendor eDoc (PVEN). When submitting the new vendor via PVEN in UAccess Financials, please ensure the vendor record has a valid email address and contact information.

Why this was implemented
Accounts Payable continues to seek operational efficiencies across campus to reduce redundancies and improve University business. We piloted this process over the past two weeks and experienced a quick turnaround in obtaining the required information to disburse payments. Based on positive campus feedback this process will be continued, reducing hardship on business units collecting information and improving the security of information delivered to Accounts Payable. 

If a requisition or payment must be expedited, we encourage business offices to provide the vendor with the University Substitute W-9.

For questions or assistance, please contact Accounts Payable at or 520-621-9097.