Fund Accountant Services

Who is my Fund Accountant?

Fund Accountant services are provided by several teams. Identify the Fund and Sub-Fund Code for your account to find your Fund Accountant Team below. Click on the team name for contact information.

If you don't know the Fund and Sub-Fund Code for your account: Go to UAccess Financials main menu > Lookup and Maintenance > Chart of Accounts/Accounting Line > Account. Search for your account number and click on the Sub-Fund Group Code.


Fund Code Sub-Fund Code Description
DI Indirect Cost Recovery
OR RESGFT Restricted Gifts
SP Sponsored Projects
LN Loan
OR FWSGRT Fed Work Study Government Grants
OR GOVGRT Government Grants
OR PRVSCH Private Scholarships
EN Endowment
CA Cash and Banks
PL Plant Funds - Construction
PL Plant Funds - Debt Service
All Others (search below to find your team)