Financial Compliance

Compliance is everyone's job and must be a part of everyone's everyday work activities.

FSO Financial Compliance consults with departments regarding business processes, best practices and suggests process changes to increase operation efficiency and control; generates and compiles reports for external audits; reviews University responses and follow-up actions on audit recommendations; administers the PCard and Departmental Compliance Review programs; provides guidance and education on financial/internal controls.

Code of Conduct

The State of Arizona has established a code of conduct for employees engaged in accounting, financial and budgeting activities. According to the GAO Technical Bulletin 00-3, this code of conduct applies to all state employees at all state agencies. For UA purposes, this includes anyone who:

  • Prepares, approves, or processes documents that result in a transaction in any University financial or accounting system
  • Obligates the University by entering into an agreement or other contract, purchase order, PCard transaction, etc.
  • Uses, analyzes, prepares reports or takes action based on accounting, financial or budgeting data from any University source
  • Has review or approval responsibilities for state, local or grant fund revenues or expenditures
  • Has responsibility for implementing or assuring the effective workings of internal control activities