Payment Reason Guidelines

Payment Reasons on the Disbursement Voucher (DV) in UAccess Financials serve multiple purposes including ensuring designated business rules programmed within the system are met, routing requirements are met based on the business needs of central administration unit, and supporting the University of Arizona reporting requirements. This following information has been created to assist UAccess Financials users with identifying the correct Payment Reason, based on the expenditure, when creating a Disbursement Voucher. Additionally, this document provides criteria that Accounts Payable staff reviews in order to approve the expenditure. This information should be utilized as a reference tool only, as it is not exclusive to all scenarios that occur on the University campus, nor does it replace University of Arizona Expenditure policies.

NOTE: The UA Business Purpose should always be indicated in the 'Explanation field of the Disbursement Voucher' as this will expedite the review and approval of the transaction.

Code Payment Reason Payment Reason Description Supporting Documentation required and Helpful Tips to support the expenditure:
A Award / Prize Payments made for Prizes and Awards must be made to Non-employees only. Awards may not include personal services, scholarships or fellowship payments. For payments of Prizes and Awards to University Employees, please contact University Payroll.
  • Description of contest or event promoting the distribution process of the award and the selection criteria used to support the UA business purpose for the award.
  • If award/prize exceeds $50.00 recipient is required to provide their SSN number for creating- the payee/vendor record.
  • Recommended Object Code - 5780
E Expense Reimbursement Reimbursement for out-of pocket expenses to University employees and individuals who incur University business related expenses. This payment reason may not be used in lieu of the procurement process.
  • Original, itemized receipt(s) should include description of purchase(s), amount, date of purchase and name of establishment purchase was made.
  • Proof of payment may be required
  • Employee signature on DV Cover Sheet or Employee Reimbursement Request form oneforms.
  • Packing slips or order forms alone are not acceptable documentation for a reimbursement     
F Foreign Visitor Payment Payments made to or on behalf of nonresident aliens/individuals who are other than U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents (green card holders). This payment reason can include business related expenses, fees for services including honorarium, royalty, etc.
  • Payments to a foreign company
  • Payments made to individuals who are Non-US Citizens
  • Payments made to third party vendors (IE: lodging) on behalf of a foreign individual
I Independent Contractors Compensation for services performed by Non-employees only. Some common object codes would include 3150, 3230, 3490. Independent Contractor form required.
  • Payment to individuals performing services whereas the employment process is not appropriate.
  • Original signed ICON form is required
  • Invoice billing UA OR original itemized receipts should be provided with the DV Cover sheet.
  • Suggested Object Codes = 3150, 3230, 3490
H Interview Expenses Expenses incurred to recruit a prospective University Employee, including airfare, transportation, lodging, meals and other necessary expenses related to the job interview or recruiting process.
  • UA Career Track job number is required on the DV
  • Original itemized receipts
  • Home mailing address if candidate is not offered the position.
  • Object code suggestions - 5570, 5571
M Moving Expenses Allowable and approved costs related to moving expenses incurred by a University employee in relocating family and/or possessions. See University Policy 9.14 - Relocation policy for New Employees
  • Offer letter indicating moving allowance approved and accepted.
  • Original itemized receipts along with proof of payment
  • MapQuest or Odometer reading if mileage claimed instead of providing gas receipts
  • Proof of payment for flights with an itinerary
  • Suggested Object Codes = 5580, 5581
X Other Miscellaneous payments, etc.
  • Miscellaneous payments (IE: Vendor payments, Operational Advance, Change Fund, Petty Cash, etc.)
Y Prepaid Travel Expense Prepaid travel expenses for lodging, airfare, conference registration and car rental paid to vendors on behalf of employees and non-employees on University of Arizona business.
  • Payment directly to a third party vendor to prepay hotel expenses or other travel expenses to avoid out-of-pocket expenditures on behalf of employee, students and non-employees.
B Refund Refund(s) to employee, individuals, vendors, students or sponsoring agencies based on monies received by the University of Arizona.
  • Purpose for the refund must be documented
  • Reference to original Cash Receipt or deposit of funds being refunded.
  • Original account whereas the monies reside should be the account utilized for the refund.
P Royalty/Permission Fees Royalties or permission fees paid for the use of or the right to use intellectual property or physical assets. Use object level code LIC for royalty/permission fees.
  • Royalty statement or permission contract should be provided to support expenditure.
  • Reportable income to the payee
  • Suggested Object Code = 4660
N Stipend Scholarships/Fellowship payments and participant support for Non-employees and Non-University of Arizona students.
  • Object code suggestions = 3250
V Travel Advance Travel advances may only be issued to active University employees. Use object code 8315.
  • Original Travel Authorization form along with employee promissory note signature.
  • Object Code requirement = 8315
T Travel Expense Travel expense reimbursements for University employees, students and affiliates traveling for University business purposes.
  • Only expenditures for traveling on University business by employees, students and affiliates.
  • Suggested Object Codes = 6140 – In State
    6240 – Out of State
    6340 – Foreign
K Utility/Freight Payment for Freight and Utilities such as telephone service, internet service, etc. Use object level codes UTIL, COMM, COS and MISC for utility and freight object codes.
  • Payments made directly to a Utility or Freight company.
  • All pages of the Utility/Freight invoice are required to initiate payment.
  • Only 'current charges' can be paid on Utility/freight invoices.
  • Exception - Utility / Freight invoices can be faxed to Accounts Payable at 626-1243 with the DV # written on the top right corner of the invoice to expedite payment.

    Suggested Object Codes:
    4510 – Electric
    4520 – Gas
    4550 – Water/Sewer
    3860 – Long Distance
    3840 – Communication equipment
    3950 – Communication Plans

NOTE: This list should be utilized as a training tool and is not an exhaustive list due to the unique circumstances within each department.  Please consult your Financial Management fund accountant or an Accounts Payable Specialist for additional assistance.

A receipt should contain the following:

  • An itemized list of what was purchased
  • The amount of the purchase
  • The date of the purchase
  • The name of the vendor

NOTE:  Alcohol and related tax & tip is non-reimbursable with University funds (please see your fund accountant).

Please contact Accounts Payable at 621-9097 or if clarification is needed or for guidance on the proper selection of a Payment Reason in UAccess Financials.