Accounts Payable

2014 AP/Travel University Closure Deadline

To help ensure Accounts Payable/Travel Office is able to process as many payments/reimbursements as possible prior to the University Closure, please forward all Purchase Order invoice, receipts and all supporting documentation to FSO Accounts Payable/Travel Office by Friday, December 12th by 5:00 PM.  Accounts Payable/Travel will guarantee processing prior to University Closure if compliant with University Financial policy.

University Closure Notice

To help ensure Accounts Payable and Travel is able to process as many reimbursements/payments as possible prior to the University Closure, please forward all Purchase Order invoices, receipts for reimbursements and supporting documentation to FSO Operations no later than Friday, December 13 by 5:00 PM.

New Central Location for all W9 Forms

The Financial Services Office (FSO) and Procurement and Contracting Services (PACS) are pleased to announce that all IRS Form W9 and Substitute W9 forms can now be sent to one central location for both Accounts Payable and PACS.  This is a collaborative effort utilizing technology and shared resources to ensure record retention of W9 Vendor tax forms.

Effective immediately, campus users can send all W9 Tax forms via campus mail at FSO/Operations, PO BOX 210158, Campus, or in emergency situations, via fax to a secure fax line (520) 626-1243.

New Training Class on Policy 9.16

The Financial Services Office is pleased to offer a new class on understanding the procedures and requirements to comply with the UA’s Financial Policy 9.16 Payments to Nonresident Aliens. The class will provide guidance on navigating this complex policy, along with the supporting documentation required and forms necessary to ensure timely payments through Accounts Payable.

Register on ISW for upcoming classes.

Year-End Deadline

To help ensure payments are processed prior to the Holiday Closure, please forward all invoices, reimbursements or supporting documentation to Accounts Payable/Travel Office by Friday, December 14 at 10:00AM. Accounts Payable/Travel will continue to process documents through December 21, although, cannot guarantee that those received after the Dec 14 10:00AM deadline will be processed for payment prior to the closure.