Frequently Asked Questions - UAF Upgrade

In addition to the following questions and answers, users may also read about new/changed functionality.

Recall Button

No. A document can only be Recalled if no action has been taken. For example, if you create an FYI or the next person in the route log approves the document, the Recall option will no longer be available.

General Error Correction Document

Yes, as long as the document balances on the correcting side.
The terminology and functionality has been changed to be more accurate and less confusing. The REVERSING line is where the accounting line you want to back out or undo will be listed. The CORRECTING line is where the new or correct accounting lines will be listed.
Yes, you need to select each accounting line that needs to be changed.
There is no longer the ability to import a template in the reversing section (previously known as the FROM section) of the GEC. However, you can make corrections by document
The original document will not list any GECs that are associated with that document. However, if you try to perform a GEC for accounting lines that have already been corrected, you will not be able to select that accounting line. One cool new feature is the addition of a column called “GEC Document Number” to the General Ledger Entry Lookup for GEC search queries. If a document in the search results has been corrected with a GEC, there will be a GEC document number listed in the GEC Document Number field.
There is a change in functionality for GECs that no longer allow you to free enter an amount in the Reversing section. Instead, you will be able to select a line item that you want to correct (and the amount is already populated). For this reason, you won’t get an error. However, if you need to make correction which is grant related which has crossed years, you will need to create a DI.
Yes, you would select the lines associated with use tax which would be reflected in Reversing section and nothing in the Correcting. When you reverse an accounting line, the use tax associated with that line will automatically be reversed as well.
If User A creates a GEC and then saves it, the User B will see the saved document when looking at the original transaction. If, after User A saves the document, User B tries to submit a second GEC for the same accounting lines the system will prevent it. If User A has not saved the GEC, than User B will be unaware that a GEC is being created related to the original transaction.

Miscellaneous Questions

There is no change to roles/policies related to authorized signatures, permissions or routing for DCCs.
Due to a number of issues with the Travel Entertainment Module (TEM), the TEM module has been discontinued and is not available in the 7.0 version upgrade we are moving to. While Kuali is exploring a relationship with Concur (a travel company), there is currently no travel module.


If, after reviewing business processes for alternative solutions, you need to print copies of transaction documents (i.e. the detail of a Disbursement Voucher) from UAccess Financials you will need to find a solution that can do screen captures instead of using the application's print function (example: File > Print). Examples of screen capture applications include Greenshot and Snagit. Snagit allows for scrolling capture, if that is needed. It's difficult to give a specific application recommendation, as many of the applications work with only specific configurations. If you test a solution that successfully captures and prints data without using the File > Print function, you should be able to find one that fulfills their needs.

Routing and Workflow

Acknowledge is in the approval route, which means the document won't go to a Final status until it has been an acknowledged. Read Notes will be sent to the recipient and show in their action list, but will not stop the document from becoming Final.
No, but it would be nice if you did!


Yes. Once you select Doc Search at the upper right, you can still perform and save a search using the same method you did prior to the Upgrade.