UAccess Financials Upgrade


In partnership with University Information Technology Services (UITS) and University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR), the Financial Services Office (FSO) is pleased to announce that the upgrade of the UAccess Financials enterprise system from KFS Version 3.0 to 7.0 . The upgrade will go live in February 2018.

This upgrade project will provide a new, more modern user interface with increased search capability, while taking advantage of existing user knowledge because the underlying application functionality remains the same.

Analysis for this project began in 2014 and development for the upgrade began in 2015. The primary goals for the project include:

  • Implement a current version of the Kuali code in order to leverage the knowledge of our university peer community of Kuali partners
  • Provide a more modern user experience for our campus
  • Provide comparable functionality to the current version of the financial system
  • Move the application to a supported code version

This location will serve as the information site for the upgrade implementation. You will be able to access memos and presentations, training information, FAQs, timelines and other useful links as they become available.