UAccess Financials Release Updates

In partnership with University Information Technology Services and University Analytics and Institutional Research, Financial Services continuously works toward releasing improvements to the UAccess Financials system.

Please contact with any questions or concerns related to our financials system. We always welcome your feedback. If you experience any issues within UAccess Financials, try clearing your cache and restarting your browser.

Release 53 - April 5, 2020

The next release is planned for April 5, 2020. See the improvements and fixes that have campus impact in the change log below.

Function Change Additional Information Screenshot
System Updated look and minor functionality changes to some maintenance lookup screens The most noticeable change is the upper right Menu, which has been eliminated and the links moved to the System section of the left pop out menu. Additionally, search results on maintenance screens now only support export via .CSV format. None
System While the left menu icons exist and can be clicked, they are currently invisible. Use the arrow at the bottom left of the screen to open the menu OR use the new quick search bar that appears on select screens when you press Ctrl+K. As you type, underlined results will populate. View
Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services Users can now complete a Salary Expense Transfer (ST) document to transfer salary and wages between non-federal accounts for the current fiscal year, even after the creation of effort certification documents. However, if any portion of the employee's pay was funded from a federal/sub-federal account for the applicable effort report period, changes must continue to be made via the effort certification document.  If you have any questions concerning this change in functionality contact Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services, Financial Compliance Services, by email at or by phone at 520-626-6000.  None
System In select screens, a new quick search bar appears when users press Ctrl+K. This new functionality does not work on all screens (i.e. group, person, or doc search). As you type, underlined results will populate. View
System The top right menu has been eliminated. Links from that menu moved to left menu under "System".   View
System On Balances by Consolidation lookup search, users will now see an error if an invalid chart code is used.   None
Procurement and Contracting When attempting to cancel a line item receiving document (RCVL), a stack trace error will no longer be produced. The document will correctly refresh with the message "Document was successfully reloaded." None