What is GLACIER?

GLACIER is a web-based, nonresident alien tax compliance system produced by Arctic International LLC.

Who should use GLACIER?

Foreign nationals (except for lawful permanent residents) who receive income from the University of Arizona are generally required to use GLACIER.

Foreign Nationals
(except for permanent residents)
Income Type Payment method Contact
UA employees (including student employees) Salaries/Wages Payroll Payroll
(520) 621-9097
UA students - scholarship recipients Non-service Scholarship/Fellowship Student Account International Student Services (ISS)
(520) 621-4627
Tax Compliance
(520) 621-1957
Other visitors (e.g. speakers, consultants, post doc fellows, performers, non-UA students, etc.) Speaker fee, honorarium,
performance fee, royalty, prize, award, etc.
Disbursement Voucher Accounts Payable
(520) 621-9097

What can GLACIER do?

A foreign national can complete a personal record in GLACIER online. GLACIER collects data from the foreign visitor such as current immigration status, country of citizenship and residence, relationship with the University, income received from the University, and the history of presence in the US (immigration status and length of stay of each visit). Based on the information provided by the foreign national, GLACIER can:

  • Determine the tax residency for the foreign national
  • Determine the appropriate tax treatment on the foreign national’s income received from the University, including eligibility of tax treaty benefits
  • Pre-fill applicable tax forms (W-8BEN, Form 8233 etc) for the foreign national
  • Prepare a tax summary report for the foreign national
  • Notify the foreign national by email to update the information

How to use GLACIER?

After a GLACIER contact initiates a GLACIER record with the foreign national's name and email address, GLACIER will send an email from to the foreign national with login information. The foreign national can then complete their record in GLACIER, print the resulting forms and reports, complete any additional required fields including signature, and submit all documentation according to the instructions provided by GLACIER.