Business Affairs Shared Services

Business Affairs Shared Services partners with units across Business Affairs to provide support and services in the following business functions: Administration, Purchasing and Accounts Payable, Travel, Budget and Finance, Communications, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Project Management.

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Advance the University mission through strategic partnerships; delivering innovative customer-focused solutions.


To provide the highest level of consultative and collaborative business services to Business Affairs units. We are committed to effective resource stewardship and to the continuous development of employee expertise.

Key Strategies

Providing exemplary customer service; Fostering employee engagement and job satisfaction; Continuous process improvement and pursuit of operational excellence; Nurturing inclusive partnerships by sharing information and communicating effectively.

Currently Supported Partners

  • Internal Audit - Aug 2019
  • Marketing & Communications - May 2019
  • Office of Budget & Planning - Sep 2019
  • Office of Sustainability - Nov 2018
  • Risk Management - Dec 2019