Salary Expense Transfers (SET)

A Salary Expense Transfer is a UAccess Financials document utilized by departments to move payroll expenditures from one account to another or, within limitations, assign/reassign sub-account, sub-object and project code.

An SET document should only be used to move current fiscal year expenses.  An exception to this would be at year-end when a Year-End Salary Expense Transfer (YEST) document can be utilized during a specific period of time to move prior fiscal year expenses.

If an SET is utilized, and three or more pay periods have passed since the original expense posted, the document will require the Error Certification section to be filled out before the document can be submitted. It is best practice to fill this section out with as much detail as possible for audit purposes. 

For questions regarding a Salary Expense Transfer please contact Payroll Accounting at the following email: