Request a Payment / Hours Adjustment

The Request a Payment/Adjust Hours page can be used by departments to process payment requests electronically for uniform allowances or cell phone allowances.

The deadline to make payments for the current pay cycle is Friday, 5:00 PM on non-pay week.


If you do not have access to this payment request, you will need to request it via security provisioning ( Be sure to add in the comment box "requesting cell phone allowance payment request."


  1. Begin by navigating to the Request a Payment/Adjust Hours page.
    Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Request a Payment/Adjust Hours
  2. Click the Request a Payment/Adjust Hours link.

    Image 1
  3. Select Cell Phone Allowance from the drop down menu.
  4. Cell Phone Allowance – Will be paid as Addl pay on the paysheet for the current pay period. Cash allowance for business use of a personal cell phone. The request will be routed to an approver in the department. Once approved the payment will be routed to Payroll for final approval.

    image 2
  5. The date will default to the start date of the current pay period for allowances.
  6. Action Taken will default to Start Payment. To stop a cell phone payment, contact the Payroll Office.
  7. Enter the account number that the allowance will expense against.
  8. Click Continue

    image 3
  9. Enter the EmplID or use the search function to look up an employee by name.
  10. Enter the monthly amount that the employee will receive for the allowance in the Payment Amount field. Allowances will be paid on the second pay day of the month.
  11. Enter the date that the payment should stop in the End Date field. Payments are usually set up on a fiscal year. For the fiscal year 10/11, the end date would be 06/30/2011.
  12. Click the Addbutton to add additional employees to the request.
  13. Once all employees have been entered on the request, click Submit.

    image 4
  14. Attach the supporting documentation that was provided by the employee or the supervisor used to make this request.
  15. To add an attachment click on Add Attachment.
    (An attachment should be a letter of agreement or contract signed by the employee.)
  16. Click on Browse.
  17. Select document from the documents saved on a file on your computer or server.
  18. Click Upload.

  19. To start another request, click Done/Next.