Mid-Cycle Hires

If an employee is hired in the middle of a pay cycle, and the paperwork is received after the deadline shown in the Workforce Systems Processing Calendar, the employee will not be paid until the following payroll. 

Whenever possible, we recommend that the employee be started on the first day of a pay period to maximize the opportunity that the employee will be paid what they are due on the next payday.


Based on the calendar below, if the hiring paperwork is received by Workforce Systems on March 14, the employee will not be paid until April 8, 2011.  This is because the deadline for the March 25 payday is March 11.  The pay period start date is Monday, March 7 and the pay period end date is Sunday, March 20.  Since March 14 is in the middle of the pay period and is past the document deadline, the employee will not receive any pay until the next payroll following March 25.

midcycle calendar ex