Project Code COV19INST for Tracking COVID-19 Expenses

Submitted on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 3:11 pm

Revised from 5/27/2020

In order to apply for federal/state reimbursement, all expenses related to the institutional response to COVID-19 should be tracked. This includes - but is not limited to:

  • Purchase of commercially available PPE
  • Supplies purchased to manufacture PPE
  • Testing supplies
  • Materials used to manufacture test kits
  • Related non-exempt personnel costs
  • Additionally, any costs associated with the transition to providing online instruction should also be tracked.

Please use Project Code COV19INST in UAccess Financials to track these transactions and attach appropriate supporting documentation. All applicable transactions that have occurred since March 13, 2020 in fiscal year 2020 must be coded by July 17, 2020. The project code is not to be used for sponsored projects, since those expenses are already being reimbursed by an external source. 

Questions regarding use of this project code should be directed to Garth Perry ( in the Office of Budget and Planning.

Questions regarding appropriate documentation or how to apply a project code within UAccess Financials should be directed to your fund accountant