Impact of UCAP on Campus Financial Reporting

Submitted on Wed, 01/15/2020 - 9:05 am

UCAP launches January 27, 2020 and will impact financial reporting across campus.
Specifically related to Employee Related Expense (ERE) rates and object codes for salaries, wages, and ERE, please note:

  • To identify if an employee has/has not transitioned to University Staff, use ABOR codes and Pay Groups.
    Both have been added to the Payroll Expenditure Listing with SET (PELs) as a sort option in the dropdown menu in UAccess Analytics.
    To navigate, go to: Dashboards > Financial > General-Labor Ledger > Payroll Expenditure Listing with SET
  • ERE rates will remain the same for current employees who transition to University Staff.
  • ERE object codes, salary/wage object codes, and object code descriptions for University Staff will remain the same at this time. We will communicate any changes if/when that changes.
  • Classification of newly hired temporary University Staff beginning January 27:
    Temporary Hourly will be classified as Classified Temporary (ERE 3)
    Temporary Salary will be classified as Faculty Ancillary (ERE 7)

Please direct questions to Payroll Accounting at