FSO Forms - P

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Form Name Description Unit/Policy
PCard - Checkout Log

Handy log sheet for departments to track PCard usage. Departments may print and use this, or create their own internally following this format.

PCard - Document Transmittal Form and Checklist

To help organize PCard transaction documentation for submission to Financial Compliance

PCard - Missing Receipts Form

To be used as documentation for missing PCard receipts only if the merchant can not produce duplicate documentation.

PCard - Purchase Authorization Form (Department)

For use by Departments to log PCard Purchase information - contains section for PCard Plus and Travel Enhancement use

PCard - Self-Reporting Violation form

To self-report a violation of PCard policy. Do not use for Pyramiding, Not-Reconciled, Single Established limit or Unauthorized Sharing of a PCard. Contact PCard Administration at 626-9091 for those violations.

Petty Cash Custodial Agreement

To establish a Petty Cash Fund Custodial Agreement when establishing a Petty Cash fund in a department

Property Management - Equipment Receipt Form

This form is used to notify Property Management of the receipt of donated, loaned, or sponsor provided equipment.