Monthly Closing Calendar

Fiscal Year 2017/2018

Month/Year Date of Close 
July 2017 Monday, July 31
August 2017 Thursday, August 31
September 2017 Friday, September 29
October 2017 Tuesday, October 31
November 2017 Thursday, November 30
December 2017 Friday, December 29
January 2018 Wednesday, January 31
February 2018 Wednesday, February 28
March 2018 Friday, March 30
April 2018 Monday, April 30
May 2018 Thursday, May 31
June 2018 (Interim) Friday, June 29
June 2018 (Period 12) TBD
June 2018 (Period 13) TBD

Please Note:

  • If the last day of the month falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the month-end closing date will always be on the preceding Friday.
  • Pending entries not approved on the day of close will be posted to the next accounting period (next month).
  • As part of month-end close processing, there is no Collector file processing scheduled on the first or second business days of a month.
  • Begin the monthly review (reconciliation) of accounts on the third business day after month-end to allow for error corrections of file feeds and batch programs.
  • June (Period 12 and Period 13) close dates as part of Fiscal Year End processing will be communicated to campus in May.