Frequently Asked Questions - Financial Management

The most common publishing fees allowed for payment at the University of Arizona is available at:
In any instance, manuscripts that will be excluded from consideration are: "for profit" textbooks, commercial fiction and popularized science. Support for previously published work will not be considered. Please contact your fund accountant if you have a situation that does not meet the criteria prior to committing to payment.

From a Central Administration perspective, the answer to this is dependent upon the reason you are creating the transaction.

Document Purpose Pros Cons


To correct erroneous accounting string data for general ledger entries generated from other financial transactions.
  • Provides an audit trail connecting the original accounting lines to the corrected accounting lines
  • Validates the accounting string data of the original entry for reversal
  • Ensures you do not move an entry more than once
  • Requires that you reallocate the entire amount of a posted entry (i.e. if only a portion of the entry needs to be moved, requires the other portion be reallocated back to where it originally posted)
DI To distribute the income or expense, assets and liabilities from a holding account to one or more appropriate accounts when one account has incurred expenses or received income on behalf of one or more other accounts.
  • Allows you to move from one accounting line to many accounting lines (and vice-versa)
  • Allows you to move only a portion of a posted accounting entry
  • Does not prevent you from distributing a single amount more than once
  • Is not associated with the originating transaction

See the GEC versus DI Guide for more information.

It depends. Tickets to sporting or theatrical events that are awarded as a form of employee recognition are subject to taxation; refer to FSM Policy 9.11 Employee Recognition. When occasional or infrequent tickets are given to employees when events have not sold out and receipt is not tied to employee performance, the tickets are not subject to taxation.

Please refer to our FAQ page on COVID-19 Funding Sources & COV19INST Project Code.