Financial Services COVID-19 Updates

Last updated: May 28, 2020 - 12:37 p.m. MST

University Coronavirus Updates

Please refer to the University's central Coronavirus web page for up-to-date high-level communications to campus.

University Coronavirus Updates

Impacted Services Status

In alignment with the President’s and Provost's messages, Financial Services is reducing the number of individuals working on campus to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Throughout this effort we will strive to maintain the excellent customer service levels to which you have become accustomed.

Many of our employees will be utilizing Enhanced Voicemail (voicemail to email) during this time, so please leave a voicemail when calling our team members. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible. You can also contact our teams through email and IM as you normally would. Please refer to our Staff Directory for phone number and email contact info.

For your convenience, we have listed the status of our services below.

Legend: Normal Modified Unavailable

Purchasing and Contracting

Services will continue as normal. Orders placed through UAccess Financials will be handled as expeditiously as possible. For urgent requests, please contact Celeste Kanzig at 520-621-3067 or or Ted Nasser at 520-621-5449 or

Surplus Property

Surplus Property is available to pick up excess equipment from locations that remain open or have a staff member available.

Accounts Payable

  • UAccess Financials eDocs: Effective March 16, business offices may attach supporting documentation in UAccess Financials to the notes/attachment tab of electronic documents to reduce paper documentation while units work remotely and ensure timely disbursements. Please see Handling Paper Receipts and Invoices communication related to this process.
  • Check/ACH Distribution: Effective March 23, check pick-up at the University Services building is discontinued. Checks will be mailed to the vendor's address on file in UAccess Financials. Vendors may also be paid via electronic funds transfer or a Single Use Account (SUA) credit card emailed.
    • Effective March 30, check/ACH distribution is scheduled for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s only.
  • Main Customer Service Line: 520-621-9097 will continue to be available. Voicemails will be returned as soon as possible but may be delayed. For emergency situations, please contact Accounts Payable Director, Tammy Strom, at 520-626-5276.

Arizona Buyways

Arizona Buyways (AZBW) should only be used when orders can be delivered to main campus and the outlying Tucson and Oro Valley locations.


  • In-person service will be suspended effective March 23, 2020, until further notice.
  • University departments can deposit checks only by sending the check(s) with the Cash Receipt (CR) # written on the check(s), no CR cover sheet required. Please send to:
    • Bursar's Office
      The University of Arizona
      1303 E. University Blvd., Box 3
      Tucson, AZ 85719-0521
    • Check(s) will be processed within a week of when they are received.
  • Cash deposits and/or non-essential check deposits should be secured in the department's office until we begin to accept in-person customers again.
  • For questions about services normally offered in person, please send an email to Phone and email customer service will continue normally.


In-person service will be limited. Phone and email customer service will continue normally. Service may be delayed due to volume and limited in-person staffing.

Central Receiving

Central Receiving will continue to receive packages and will make every effort to deliver to University facilities. Please note deliveries cannot be made to employees working remotely. To avoid this, we recommend the use of a PCard for online ordering and off-campus delivery whenever possible. If you have a package that needs to be picked up at Central Receiving, please contact Jeff Wilson at 520-621-3062.


Paychecks for those not enrolled in direct deposit will be sent to the mailing address on file. Employees are strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit following How to Enroll for Direct Deposit.

Payroll will be processed on the same pay schedule. For questions or assistance, contact Payroll at 520-621-9097 or

Please see Guidance for Reporting Time for correct usage of time reporting code.


The PCard (PCDO) Transactional auto-approval will be increased from 14 to 28 days. We strongly encourage departments to utilize their PCard whenever possible. For questions or assistance, contact PCard Administration at 520-626-9091 or

Effective March 16, business offices may attach supporting documentation in UAccess Financials to the notes/attachment tab of electronic documents, to reduce paper documentation while units work remotely and ensure timely disbursements. Please see Handling Paper Receipts and Invoices communication related to this process.

Postal Services

Mail will continue to be received and sorted, and will be available for pick up daily before 2:00 p.m. at the Paul and Alice Baker Distribution Center, 3740 E 34th Street. Departments interested in picking up their mail should contact Victor Flores at 520-621-7939 or vflores34@arizona.eduMail will not be delivered to or picked up from University buildings by Postal Services during this closure.

Surplus Storefront

  • Storefront curbside service is available starting Monday, June 1, 2020.
  • All auctions are halted until further notice.

Records Management & Archives

There are no pickups. Deliveries have been discontinued.


Effective March 23, all non-essential domestic out-of-state academic and business travel for University of Arizona faculty, staff, and students is suspended, and will not be authorized until further notice. If travel is deemed as essential, approval will need to be obtained from the appropriate Senior Vice President responsible for your unit. If you are returning to campus from business travel, and in particular if you have visited places that have known COVID-19 community spread, you are strongly urged to self-quarantine at home for two weeks following guidelines from the CDC. Please visit for updates.

Please refer to our news page for the latest communications from Financial Services.