Document Preparation & Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines for the preparation and submission of all PCard documents.


  1. Tape receipts/invoices smaller than a half sheet of paper to a full size sheet of paper
  2. If taping receipts/invoices to scratch paper, cross out any unrelated information
  3. Tape only one transaction per sheet of paper
  4. Tape receipt/invoice so corners and sides are secure
  5. Do not tape over any information
  6. Do not fold and then tape down documents
  7. Ensure the back of the taped receipt/invoice is blank (unless information is terms and conditions)
  8. Keep receipts/invoices flat and unblemished
  9. Write or print PCard eDoc# on each related page/invoice/receipt
  10. Do not paperclip or staple documents
  11. Write amount/date if illegible on receipt/document
  12. Black out all but last 4 digits of credit card number
  13. Sign documents in blue ink
  14. Do not highlight pertinent information (this darkens the text once scanned)


  1. Submit all transactions for one month in one packet per department number
  2. Submit only one FSO transmittal coversheet per monthly packet
  3. Always use the most current FSO transmittal form
  4. If submitting multiple PCard packets, separate by department number
  5. Do not include bank statements with documents

Please contact Customer Service at 621-9097 if you have any questions about preparing documents for scanning.