Documentation & Reconciliation


  • An original itemized receipt/invoice is required for each purchase made
  • Prepare the documents using the Document Preparation & Submission Guidelines.
  • Each transaction should contain the following items:
    1. Purchase Authorization Form (not required, but highly recommended)
    2. Original itemized receipt/invoice with eDoc # written on each page (excluding invoices with more than 10 pages)
    3. Any relevant documentation to help determine the University of Arizona business purpose.  This may include authorizations, correspondence, logs/forms, or any other documents relating to the transaction.
    4. Packing slips (optional).
  • Fill out a Missing Receipt Form if any itemized receipt/invoice is missing
  • Follow the normal PCard procedures for reconciling and approving transactions – along with UPK tutorial – found under "Purchasing Card Reconciliation and Fiscal Officer Approval Supplemental Information"
  • Reconcile all PCard eDoc #s to the monthly credit card statement, UAccess Analytics, or both
  • Do not include credit card statements in the packet
  • Each eDoc # must have an original itemized receipt/invoice.  If a receipt/invoice has multiple eDoc #s, the original itemized receipt/invoice needs to be copied for each eDoc #.  Write "See original eDoc # xxxxxxx" on the copies.
  • Verify that full credit card numbers do not appear on any document/receipt
  • Account for each eDoc # for the department current month statement.  There are three ways an eDoc # will be accounted for:
    1. A packet of original supporting documents as listed above
    2. A PCard Missing Receipt Form and all documentation
    3. Fraudulent Transactions
      • Please call the PCard Office at 626-9091
      • Print and submit the PaymentNet attachment(s) from the eDoc notes/attachment section
      • Include PaymentNet bank transfer printout(s) relating to fraud (XFRD) transactions
  • XFR BAL Transactions: print out and submit the PDF attachment(s) from the eDoc notes/attachment section. Contact the PCard Office at 626-9091 with questions.
  • Fill out the PCard Document Transmittal Form & Checklist
  • Send documents to FSO-Financial Compliance

UAccess eDocs

  • The optional documents need not be sent in, but can be scanned and attached in UAccess (in Notes and Attachments tab) for the department's record.  Please send original itemized receipts to FSO Compliance. Do not attach them in UAccess. The documents attached in the Notes and Attachments tab might be subject to unauthorized access. Therefore, please do not attach any document that contains any confidential information.
  • How to view documents sent to FSO Compliance in UAccess
    • Documents are retrievable in UAccess by eDoc #
    • Steps
      • Go to UAccess Financials
      • In the Procurement card transaction tab, search the document using the eDoc # field
      • Click expand all button
      • The document can be found by clicking the "Download" button on the Download Images File tab
  • If department requires the original documentation after the documents have been scanned, the following information must be provided to FSO in order to retrieve the documents.
    • eDoc #

    • Transaction month

    • Department name

    • Department contact person

    • A confirmation whether the document will be picked up from FSO office or should be mailed to department. If you want FSO to mail the document, please provide your mailing address.