Inventory Process Procedures (2017)

With the department's inventory reports, each asset needs to be physically verified for its location

  • If the asset is found and the information is correct, check "YES"
  • If the asset is found but the information is incorrect, check "YES" AND write down the corrections for the asset
  • If you are unable to locate the asset, check "NO" AND specify the reason AND attach the required paperwork

Verify each asset on your report has a property tag attached to it. If an asset is too small to attach a tag or is a sensitive research equipment, a folder should be kept with the property tag as well as any other paperwork pertaining to that particular asset. If the property tag is hard to read or the Asset DOES NOT have a property tag attached to it, then specify on the Capital Inventory Report that a new tag is needed. Please verify the manufacturer, model number, serial number, building, and room number for each asset. Write any corrections/missing information next to the appropriate information being updated on the Capital Inventory Report. Since building and room number combinations are validated in UAccess Financials, please be sure to provide a valid building/room number combination, otherwise the combination will not be accepted by UAccess Financials.

Once all equipment listed on your inventory reports have been physically verified, look through your reports and make sure all items marked as unfound have a disposition reason along with the corresponding backup. Include all requested backup when you submit your Capital Inventory Report to Property Management.

Disposition Reasons and Needed Backup

  • Surplus: If the item was turned into Surplus Property, provide the Transfer Number from AssetWorks – Asset Management Platform (AMP) that was used to surplus the asset.
  • Cannibalized: Submit a Request for Authorization to Dispose of Property. Check box next to “Other” and write the word Cannibalized on the blank line. Complete the equipment information and get a signature from an authorized signer.
  • Stolen: Submit a Property Loss Report along with a copy of the police report. If you want to receive insurance recovery, you must also submit a copy to Risk Management Services.
  • Returned to Vendor: If equipment was returned to the vendor, contact your business manager for the eDoc number in UAccess Financials related to the refund and notate that on the Capital Inventory Report.
  • Transferred Out: If the equipment went with a Professor/Principal Investigator to another institution; submit another copy of the approval letter signed by the Professor/Principal Investigator, Department Head, Vice President for Research, and Sponsored Projects Administrator Principal. If the equipment was delivered to the sponsor, submit a copy of the delivery receipt to Gricelda La Turco in Sponsored Projects.
  • Lost / Unlocated: Submit a Property Loss Report so the “Asset Status” field in UAccess Financials can be changed from “Active and identifiable” to “Lost”. The equipment will stay on your inventory until it is fully depreciated or remains in an unlocated status for two years, whichever happens first.
  • Interdepartmental Transfers: Submit an email or memorandum, to notify of an asset transfer. Documentation should include the tag number(s) for the assets being transferred as well as the receiving department’s information such as department number, account number, and the new location for the asset(s). All transfers must be done by Property Management in UAccess Financials. Please do not use the Asset Transfer document.
  • Trade-Ins: Asset Trade-Ins should be entered on the purchasing document for the new asset. Please notify Property Management of an asset Trade-In and provide the eDoc number of the purchased asset. Surplus Property no longer tracks asset Trade-Ins.

University Owned Vehicles

Vehicles may NOT be reported as “NOT FOUND” on the Physical Capital Inventory Reports WITHOUT a Stolen Police Repot or Surplus Report stating the Sale of the Vehicle. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use or procedures of University Vehicles please contact Mike Mitchell at 621-8610 or by email at USDA Vehicles are not included in the Physical Capital Inventory Reports.

Surplus Property Management System

Use the new Surplus system, AssetWorks –AMP, to notify Surplus Property of any asset that need to be surplused. You may log into AssetWorks using your NetID and Password to access the surplus system. You will automatically gain access to your home department but if you are responsible for multiple departments, contact Surplus Property at 621-1754 to add them to your profile. This system can be used to research the disposition reason of an unlocated asset. Searches can be done based on tag number, serial number, department number, date of disposition or asset description.

Note: This does not apply to any Sponsor Titled assets; you MUST go through Sponsored Projects Services by contacting Gricelda La Turco at 626-4610 or

Off-Campus Assets

Any off campus asset needs to be updated in UAccess Financials to reflect its current location. If assets are located off campus, an Off-Campus Form MUST be filled out and turned into Property Management. This form can be attached to the Asset Edit document for off campus location.

Asset Information Corrections

Each department has at least one Asset Custodian who can make limited corrections to assets in UAccess Financials. If corrections cannot be made by the department’s Asset Custodian(s), a Property Management team member will enter corrections noted on the inventory reports when submitted.

The completed hard copy inventory reports along with the Inventory Certification Statement, which must be signed by the Department Head, and any required backup documentation must be submitted to Property Management using the provided return envelope or mailed to:

Campus Mail
Property Management c/o Kelsey Haight
University Services Building 402
P. O. Box 210158

US Mail
Property Management c/o Kelsey Haight
Financial Services Office
1303 E University Blvd, Box 4
Tucson, AZ 85719-0521

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Property Management Office at any time for assistance.

Kelsey Haight, Inventory Coordinator
626-5592 |

Michael Aramian, Accountant, Senior
621-5271 |

Susan Richmond, Assistant Director, Capital Finance
621-9592 |