Section 2: Accessing the Financial System


Employees of the University can log into the UAccess Financials System using their University NetID and password.  The access that a user requires depends on his or her specific job duties as they relate to financial accounting tasks within their department.  In most cases, supervisors will enter the requests to give their employees the roles, responsibilities and permissions needed to perform their jobs and take action on accounting documents.  

There are three common roles available: Basic Access (Role 32), Designated Campus Colleague (Role 33) and Business and Administrative User Access (Role 54).  Employees are automatically granted Basic Access (Role 32).  Role 33 and 54 must be requested through the UAccess Access Provisioning tool.

Understanding the Roles

Basic Access (Role 32): Active employees (faculty and staff) are given Basic Access automatically.  Basic Access provides access to create all general purchasing e-Docs (Requisitions and Arizona Buyways); general financial processing e-Docs (Disbursement Voucher, Internal Billing, General Error Correction, Distribution of Income and Expense, Pre-Encumbrance and Cash Receipt, Salary Expense Transfer); PCard Reconciliation and Balance Inquires.

Business and Administrative User Access (Role 54): Access to administrative functions beyond Basic Access must be requested and approved.  Business and Administrative User Access includes Workflow Management (Creating Groups and Organization Review) and Chart of Accounts e-Docs (account, sub-account, sub-object code, project code). This role is necessary for users who intend to serve as Fiscal Officer or Delegate. 

Designated Campus Colleague (DCC): DCC’s are affiliates, volunteers and associates of the University of Arizona; they are not employees.  There may be times that they need to initiate a document, such as for the purchase of supplies, in UAccess Financials. Certain DCCs are granted Basic Access (Role 32) automatically.  Other DCCs will need to enter a provisioning request to be granted Basic Access (Role 32) and elevated DCC Access (Roles 33) or Business and Administrative Access (Role 54). Please refer to HR Guidelines for additional information and requirements regarding DCC access.

To Request Elevated Access

  1. Complete the UAccess User Access Agreement.
  2. Complete the Elevated Privilege Training.
  3. Request access through the UAccess Access Provisioning tool.
  4. Wait for approval by your department’s Access Provisioning Liaison.

For additional information on the access request and provisioning process for employees, see your department’s Access Provisioning Liaison.  For DCCs, please reach out to the DCC sponsor for your department.

Next Steps: Additional Roles, Permissions and Groups

Once an individual has been provisioned with basic access to the financial system they will need to obtain specific access by being added to groups that contain the roles and permissions required to perform their job duties or by being added to an account role. An individual’s supervisor should know what roles are needed and can use the flowchart below to determine who to contact in some cases or which eDoc to initiate to have the role assigned. The primary roles assigned to departmental personnel are:

Service Biller: If your department has been granted use of the Service Billing document, only individuals with this role will be able to initiate and submit the document.
PCard Reconciler: Role assigned to department individual responsible for reviewing PCard transactions and making sure they have proper back up and post to the correct account.
Asset Custodian: Department individuals responsible for tracking movable capital equipment and maintaining its location in the accounting system.
Fiscal Officer: Fiscal Officers review documents and transactions to ensure there is sufficient funding, the transaction meets the purpose of the account and accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis.
Account Manager: Account Managers oversees management of account at a level higher than the Fiscal Officer and ensures that Fiscal Officers have training required to perform their assigned functions.
Account Supervisor: Account Supervisors ensure that funds are spent and managed according to the goals, objectives and mission of the department. It is assumed that this role will be held by the “leader” of the organization in which the account resides.

Flowchart: Requesting Access to UAccess Financials

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A list of additional UAccess Financial roles can be found at: Description Financials.pdf.