Business Office Basics

Business Office Basics was developed to review some unique administrative principles and requirements at public universities, and specifically at the University of Arizona. New administrators as well as those who have been here for many years often get frustrated when trying to accomplish certain tasks that might be much easier in private business or in a private university. The twenty minutes it will take to read this brief guide could save hours of aggravation and frustration in the future.

Section 1 - Your Money, describes sources and uses of money and how to monitor finances.

Section 2 - Accessing the Financial System, describes the process for being provisioned to have access to various parts of the financial system, UAccess Financials.  This section will also define the more common roles assigned to departmental users.

Section 3 - Administrative Principles, provides a summary of some of the administrative principles for managing a department at the University in relation to financial and personnel considerations. We have focused on principles that are unique to the University environment or to the University of Arizona and on policies that are commonly misunderstood or misapplied.

The information in this guide contains generalizations and brief excerpts from a variety of policies. This guide should not be cited as an authoritative source because policies may have exceptions or additional requirements that are not included here. Also be aware that this guide addresses just a few of the many administrative policies that must be followed at the University of Arizona. It is important to check with your Business Manager or one of the central administrative offices when new actions are being considered to ensure that the action complies with all applicable policies.