Independent Contractor

The Independent Contractor policy provides guidelines for distinguishing between "employee" and "independent contractor" and safeguarding the University and its employees from potential liability related to incorrect classification.

The Independent Contractor (ICON) form can help the department determine the correct classification.

NOTE: It is the department's responsibility to assure that appropriate evidence has been gathered to support the position that the University has engaged an independent contractor. The department should contact Tax Compliance if it needs assistance in making the independent contractor determination.


Two methods can be used for payment:

  1. In most circumstances a Purchase Requisition is required prior to commencement of the work. Refer to the policy's "Arranging for Independent Contractor Services" prior to the engagement.
  2. In specific limited circumstances a Disbursement Voucher is allowable. Refer to the policy's "Independent Contractor Summary Payment Chart" for specific instances.

Please refer to Policy 9.12 Independent Contractor Services for details on policy and procedures.