Add a New FedEx Shipping Account

Step 1: Contact Accounts Payable

Email to obtain the requirements for establishing a new account with FedEx. You will receive instructions via email on the steps to contact FedEx Government to establish an account via phone.

  • Once the account is established it MUST be registered in UAccess Financials.

Step 2: Create a Shipping Account eDoc

Create a Shipping Account eDoc to add the NEW account to the departmental account and record the changes for audit purposes.

Main Menu  >  Lookup and Maintenance  >  Financial Processing  >  Shipping Accounts

Click button to Create New. Complete the fields as follows:

  • Description: Enter a brief description to identify the use of the new account.
    Ex: "New FedEx Acct Dr. X Lab"
  • Explanation: Not required, but highly recommended to use for the UA Business purpose for the transaction.
    Ex: "New lab for Dr. X to perform research, FedEx analysis and research as needed"
  • Fields that can be changed on a FedEx shipping account:
    • Shipping Account Number: Enter the NEW FedEx account that was provided by the FedEx representative
    • Contact Principal Name: Click on the magnifying glass to search for the individual to contact for questions regarding the departmental FedEx Account. Only one person can be listed at this time.
    • Chart Code: Should be UA
    • Account Number: Enter the UAccess Financials account that the FedEx charges should be applied to or click on the magnifying glass to search for the account
    • Sub-Account Number: If a sub account is associated with the FedEx shipping, enter it here.
    • Object Code: Should be 3870
    • Sub-Object Code: If a sub object code is associated with the FedEx shipping, enter it here.
    • Project Code: If a project code is associated with the FedEx shipping, enter it here.
    • Organization Reference Id: Leave blank
    • Shipping Account Active Indicator: This checkbox indicates this is an active account. When the checkmark is removed, the account is closed and FedEx will be notified by Accounts Payable to close the account and remove it from the weekly EDI FedEx File.
  • Notes and Attachments Tab: Not required. However, if you have additional information this can be added here. NOTE: Accounts Payable utilizes this field to keep you informed of any additional actions taken or required and will Ad Hoc route the document as a communication tool.
  • Ad Hoc Recipients: Not required, although user can Ad Hoc route as needed.
  • Route Log: The required approvers and routing of the changes and audit trail of the approval of the changes.
  • Click Submit button to submit your changes
    Click Save button to save changes and come back to them
    Click Close button to close the document without saving
    Click Cancel button to cancel the document if no longer required

Step 3: Submit your eDoc

Document routes to Accounts Payable for action ONLY when an account is being opened or closed. 

  • NEW Accounts: Accounts Payable authorizes FedEx to ADD the account to the weekly EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) file for the University of Arizona and this is how the departments are billed for shipping during the week.
  • CLOSE Account: Accounts Payable notifies FedEx to REMOVE the account from the weekly EDI file in addition to closing the account for any further activity.
  • Any actions taken by Accounts Payable are recorded in the Notes and Attachments tab.

Contact Accounts Payable at 621-9097 or if you need additional assistance.


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