Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing (E-invoicing) is the delivery of invoices over the internet in an electronic file (cXML) format. These electronic files are submitted daily to the University of Arizona and uploaded into UAccess Financials where they generate PREQs that are routed to Fiscal Officers for approval.

The benefits of E-invoicing to both the supplier and the University of Arizona include: eliminating paper invoicing, reducing supply expenses (e.g., paper, toner, postage), reducing manual data entry and data entry errors, eliminating the loss of invoices, and decreasing the turnaround time of PREQs by simplifying the workflow process.

On very rare occasions when the eInvoice does not exactly match the quantity and price as ordered, the invoice will be rejected and Accounts Payable will process a (PREQ) for the fiscal officer to review and approve or disapprove.