Top Initiatives FY 2017

Administration and Communications

  • Upgrade all FSO websites to Drupal version 8 to provide increased security and enhanced website development options.
  • Coordinate the 9th Annual Financial Administrator Series consisting of 36 hours of training which will continue to provide current, new, and prospective campus financial administrators with a “tool kit” for success.


  • Continue to improve student billing to provide a user friendly and comprehensive tuition and fee report.
  • Work with campus colleagues to implement policies and procedures to increase program fee revenue that has been waived in the past.

Capital Finance

  • Assess new inventory software and associated equipment to achieve inventory data integrity and safeguard University assets.
  • Review and update the Risk Management Insurance Premium process with Planning Design & Construction (PD&C), Risk Management (RM), and Facilities Management (FM) to assure continuing efficiency and accuracy.


  • Produce Keyless Access tutorials for the CatCard Office as training resources for staff and students across campus using the CatCard at keyless access points.
  • Initialize research of new ID management software and beta test.  Work with FSO/Project Management and FSO/IT to flow chart existing system data transfer and system requirements.

Compliance, Payroll, Tax

  • Review and update the Online Time & Labor Training for FLSA Salary Conversion by the end of calendar year 2016.
  • Prepare UBIT presentation for Campus and get it housed in UAccess Learning by May 2017.

Financial Management

  • Reformat and update all areas of the Financial Services Manual to provide users with a better understanding of the policies and allow ease of navigation.
  • Initiative a move towards paperless environment as much as possible by analyzing processes and determining potential efficiencies for cost savings.

Information Technology

  • Retire ISW by the end of FY17 and replace essential functions with more efficient and maintainable applications.
  • Complete migration of FSO server based services off of end of life hardware to a new server infrastructure.

Initiatives & Outreach

  • Provide FSO campus community support by responding to community forum questions and concerns, and assessing training needs.
  • Participate as Project Manager and Business Analyst support for the upgrade of UAccess Financials to latest Kuali version.


  • Continue to improve operating investment returns through various strategies including evaluating securities.
  • Create an efficient investment management platform while establishing new security trading partners.


  • Implementation of AP PCard banking file feed to reduce the workload on Accounts Payable specialist’s daily calls to vendors to pay with the University PCard and improve the efficiency of timely payments to vendors.
  • Implementation of UPS EDI File feed to reduce paper invoices and improve overall billing process for business units.

Procurement & Contracting Services

  • Implement the new Surplus Property System to replace aging system with more robust, secure, hosted environment.
  • Records Management Archives will focus on clearing obsolete records from the storage inventory that have been released from their litigation hold by the Federal court, resulting in freed up storage space for other critical needs.
  • Re-write the ABOR Procurement Code in conjunction with ASU and NAU (and OGC’s of all three Universities) to create a document that is easy to read and specific to the way each University does business.
  • Collaborate with ASU and NAU to create a more uniform Purchasing process, taking into account RFB/ RFP documents, policies, procedures, and contracting.

Rate Studies

  • Complete and release the Rate Studies Manual by  December 2016.

UAccess Financial Support

  • Develop a process flow for Cash & Bursar Accounting   that requires less paper when possible by using Docuware, Server, Adobe and/or cloud storage.
  • Monitor nightly Batch to prevent duplication of errors and correctly determine data integrity.