Top Accomplishments FY 2016

Administration and Communication

  • Coordinated the 8th Annual Financial Administrator Series consisting of 36 hours of training which provided 39 current, new, and prospective campus financial administrators with a “tool kit” for success.


  • Collaborated with the Provost and Student Affairs to implement the tuition and fees calculations and to bring all Outreach College programs to Main Campus.
  • Reconfigured customer service area to better serve students, parents, and campus customers.

Capital Finance

  • Facilitated the Biennial Property Management Physical Inventory which entailed working with 308 departments to account for 15,088 University/other owned assets to maintain compliance.
  • Refinanced $169 million of System Revenue Bonds and achieved an overall net present value cost savings of $18.1 million to the University. Additionally, completed the payoff of the Phoenix Union High School Historic Buildings capital lease, which will create a total cost savings to the University of approximately $30 million.
  • Creation of Post Issuance Compliance policy and database to enhance IRS regulation compliance of over $2 billion in University tax exempt debt.


  • Implemented a CatCard Management Solution for On- Line Student to improve services.
  • Supported growth in out of state orientation programs by providing CatCards to all students who attended.

Compliance, Payroll, Tax

  • Successfully participated in the upgrade to HCM 9.2 presently working towards People Tools upgrade, which will provide campus a better user interface.

Financial Management

  • Created tools for Campus, for example:  UAccess Financials Most Common Document Types, Operational Advance Quick Reference, Titan application to more efficiently search for unclaimed ACHs/Wire Transfers, Account Opening Quick Reference and Instructions for Closing Accounts.

Information Technology

  • Collaborated with multiple Campus departments to create a centrally managed University document management system with intentions to offer it Campus-wide.

Initiatives & Outreach

  • Monitored, responded and initiated appropriate changes to Campaign for Common Sense items.


  • The University’s Operating Fund portfolio had a 1.97% rate of return or $8.3 million in FY16. The portfolio’s return increased by $4.1 million or by 84% from FY15 to FY16, and outperformed a comparable index by 55%.
  • Leveraged overnight operating cash to maximize investment return and leveraged the operating expense account to reduce bank transaction fees, resulting in savings of $136,000 in FY16.


  • Accounts Payable experienced a 7% increase in Purchase Order invoices, 2% increase in e-Invoicing, as well as 3% increase in Disbursement Voucher processing.
  • Upgraded the University check writing software in order to stay current with security needs.

Procurement & Contracting Services

  • Renegotiated the JPMorgan Chase PCard agreement improving fraud protection and increasing the rebate received by the University. The new agreement should result in an increase to the current rebate of approximately $180,000 this fiscal year.
  • Generated $162,000 savings to Campus users through the Print Service Program, thanks to the volume discounts that were negotiated during the RFP process.
  • Collaborated with Residence Life and the Office of Sustainability during Residence Hall move out to collect items that would have otherwise been thrown in to the waste stream. These items were sold during a public sale where proceeds will help the Office of Sustainability and Residence Life with future ‘green’ initiatives.

Rate Studies

  • Successfully completed re-pooling of benefits rates, and negotiated and received approval of ERE rates for FY17.Updated service center policy to include disclosure statement notification and DCA approval.

UAccess Financials Support

  • Created Endowment Database to merge Underwater and Market Value databases: Draft Rollout  March 2016