UAL New Course Setup Form

This form can be used to submit a request for setting up a new FSO or SPS course in UAccess Learning. To make changes to an existing course, please use the Add or Edit a Session Form.

Enter your full name.
Enter your email address.
Enter your 10-digit phone number, without characters or spaces. Example: 5206210000
Enter the name of the course.
Enter the short description that will display in the catalog for this course.
(Optional) Enter the detailed description for this course.
Enter the intended audience. Example: Faculty, Students, Classified Staff, etc.
Select the method(s) of delivery for this course.
Select one.
(Optional) Enter the last day learners can enroll for a class.
(Optional) Enter number of learners.
(Optional) Enter any prerequisite courses and indicate if they are required or optional.
(Optional) Enter any additional information that will help us to set up this course.
Schedule a Session (Optional)
Provide information for the first scheduled session for this course.
Enter the date of the class.
Enter the name of the person teaching the class.
Enter the building and room # where the class will be held.
Enter the # of reserved seats and for what department.
Enter the class start time.
Enter the class end time.
(Optional) Attach any handouts, presentations, or other documents that should be available to learners for this course.

Upon receiving this information, FSO Outreach will begin creating the course. Once it is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact FSO Outreach at 621-3090 or outreach [at] fso [dot] arizona [dot] edu.