Financial Policies & Procedures Training

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Cash Handling & Receiving

  • Learn how to make deposits and handle large amounts of cash.
  • Learn the departments, Bursar's Office and Cash Management responsibilities when it comes to handling and depositing monies.
  • Learn how to reconcile your deposits to your accounts.
  • Find out "What to do in case of a Robbery" - UAPD presentation.
  • Discuss why it's important to have written Cash Receiving procedures.
  • Understand how to safekeep undeposited funds.

Recommended by Internal Audit for people who are accepting monies and/or making deposits on behalf of the University.

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Foundation Financial Services Policy & Procedures

  • The Foundation Financial Services Policy and Procedures class will cover documentation requirements for deposit and disbursement into UA Foundation accounts as well as an overview of the site. We will also have staff available to answer questions regarding UA gift accounts, scholarship transfers and Raiser's Edge issues.

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Payments to Nonresident Aliens

This class will provide guidance on University Financial Policy 9.16 Payments to Nonresident Aliens along with the documentation required and the process for ensuring timely payments to nonresident aliens.

  • Payment via Disbursement Vouchers or Requisition
  • Determining the ‘allowable’ payment based on visa type  
  • Supporting documentation requirements
  • Glacier requirements and determining tax withholding requirements.
  • Forms required for processing payment/reimbursement
  • Resources available to research policy and procedures

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PCard Common Compliance Issues

Financial Services Office (FSO) Compliance section conducts post transaction reviews of Purchasing Card (PCard) transactions to ensure compliance with PCard and University policies.  This class offers scenario based examples of commonly occurring PCard Compliance issues. 

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Sponsored Project Funds

  • Learn about Sponsored Projects.
  • Learn how to interpret Sponsored Project reports, including how to calculate available balance and indirect cost.
  • Recommended for people with accounts in the 3xxxxxx-499xxxx (sponsored project) range.

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This class is recommended for campus users who process departmental travel requests for individuals traveling on University business.  The class will provide guidance on University Travel Policies along with the required documentation for the expenditure and the procedures to follow to ensure a timely reimbursement.  Specific instructions will be offered on navigating the following:

  • Travel Authorization Form requirements
  • Requesting a Travel Advance
  • Travel Expense Report requirements
  • Supplemental Travel Authorization Form requirements
  • International Travel – Terra Dotta requirements

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University Expenditure Policy

This class provides guidance on the University policies and procedures for the purchase of goods and services. Topics included are:

  • Purpose of expenditure policies
  • Determining allowable expenditures
  • Choosing a method of payment
  • Making an expenditure

Attendance is recommended for all university staff or faculty who will be processing or approving departmental transactions in accordance with UA administrative policies and procedures.

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Year End Reporting

Special Fiscal Year End Reporting: Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Deferred Revenues, Prepaid Expenses & Deposits.

To register for this course, submit an FSO Training Request.

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