FSO Staff Directory

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Procurement and Contracting Services - Warehouse Operations
Namesort icon Title Phone Email
Yslas, Armando Materials Supply Storekeeper 621-1754 yslas@email.arizona.edu
Wilson, Jeff Associate Director, Procurement and Contracting Services 621-3062 jrwilson@email.arizona.edu
Walters, Mark Materials Handler 621-1754 mwalters@email.arizona.edu
Vasquez, Zoila Office Specialist, Senior 621-3925 vasquezz@email.arizona.edu
Shinn, Jerry Materials Manager 621-3438 jshinn1@email.arizona.edu
Ravicchio, Steven Materials Handler 621-7975 ravicchs@email.arizona.edu
Phifer, Donald Custodian 621-3877 phifer@email.arizona.edu
Olivares, Veronica Office Specialist, Senior 626-3483 volivare@email.arizona.edu
Noperi, Roberto Materials Handler 621-7975 rnopery@email.arizona.edu
Nelson, Leonard Materials Handler 621-7975 lmnelson@email.arizona.edu
Martinez, Fred Materials Handling Supervisor 621-3890 fredm@email.arizona.edu
Lucas, James Materials Handler 621-3877 jdlucas@email.arizona.edu
Limon, Marco Materials Handler 621-7939 malimon@email.arizona.edu
Jaramillo, Oscar Materials Handling Supervisor, Senior 621-1754 jaramilo@email.arizona.edu
Holewinski, William Thomas Office Specialist, Senior 621-7975 holewinski@email.arizona.edu
Hamilton, Donald Materials Handler 621-1754 dhamilton@email.arizona.edu
Figueroa, Jesus Materials Handler, Lead 621-7975 jfigueroa8@email.arizona.edu
Cota, Thomas Materials Handler, Lead 621-3877 tcota@email.arizona.edu
Beltran, Reuben Materials Handler 621-1754 rabeltra@email.arizona.edu
Allan, Mauretta Office Specialist, Senior 621-7306 mallan@email.arizona.edu