Payment Request Changes

Starting May 6, 2011, you will be able to choose which "Employee Record" (Empl Rcd) a Payment Request should be charged to in UAccess.

If you do not pick the correct "Employee Record" (Empl Rcd) your employee may be paid incorrectly and your accounts may be charged incorrectly.

To pick the correct "Employee Record"(Empl Rcd) on the Payment Request:

  • Log-In to UAccess
  • Manager Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Request a Payment/Adjust Hours
  • Pick the Payment Request that is associated with what you are processing
  • Enter the date (Use the first day of the pay period the payment is owed or the start date of the position if the start date took place in the middle of a pay period.)
  • Account Number may be required depending on which Payment Request is being used (This account number is for routing purposes, not for payment.)
  • Enter the EmplID
  • Empl Rcd
  • Click on the magnifying glass to get a list of available Empl Rcds for the employee
  • Within the list, click on the Empl Rcd that is correct for the position for which you are processing the Payment Request. (This action should take you back to the Payment Request and should populate the field correctly.)
  • Depending on the Payment Request, you may also need to include Hours Owed, Payment Amounts, etc.
  • Add Comments – Please provide meaningful information that will help Payroll process the request
  • Click "Submit" the request (You will add attachments after this step)
  • In the Attachments box
  • Click on the plus sign to Add Attachments
  • All Payment Requests must have an attachment. Any Payment Requests submitted without an attachment will be denied. (See list of valid attachments below.)

Payment Request Reminders:

  • For most Payment Requests you should not combine pay periods onto one Payment Request. You should always submit each pay period individually. This will ensure that the correct pay period has been charged correctly.
  • To update employee's time (missing hours or incorrectly processed hours), if the hours are older than 28 days please send a request through to payroll (payroll [at] fso [dot] arizona [dot] edu). Payroll will use this request to update the employee's time sheet. This will ensure that the hours are processed correctly.
  • If an employee has changed status and needs to have their vacation balance and/or comp balance paid out to them, please send a request through to payroll (payroll [at] fso [dot] arizona [dot] edu). Please refer to the Payroll website for the information you need to submit on the request.
  • See also: Change of Status Payouts

A Guide To Payment Requests

 Prior payOne time28 days priorHrs to payMonthly $AmtValid Attachments
Adjust Comp hours to decrease balance
*Needs to be more than 28 day prior 
N*YYYNTimesheet/Email from Supervisor
Americorp Living AllowanceNNNNYHiring form and list of $ amt for Living allowance and hrs to be pd per pay period
Cell Phone AllowanceNANNNYCommunication Service Plan Allowance Form
Clinical Accruals - Adjustments to VacationNAYNNNHours to be entered with a negative to remove balances
Exception-Pay due for prior pay periodYYNNYNOA or PAF (Personal Action Form)
Grad Students - Pay due for prior pay periodYYNNNNOA or PAF (Personal Action Form)
Grad Supp Comp-Pay due for prior pay periodYYNYNNOA or PAF (Personal Action Form)
ICA - Market SalesNYNNNOne time Amt/ Sales ticket
Internet AllowanceNNNNYLetter of agreement from employee
KAMP & TV3 Board MemberNAYNNYSpreadsheet  of dates of participation
Market SalesNYNNYSpreadsheet from Supervisor
OPS- Pay Due For Prior Pay PeriodYYNNYNOA or PAF (Personal Action Form)
Student Journalist NewsroomNAYNNYSpreadsheet  of Dates of participation
Supp Comp - Pay due for a prior pay periodYYNYNSup Comp form/Email from Supervisor
Test ExaminersNYNNNSpread sheet with dates of service
Transitional Allowance (Central)NNNNYDeclaration form from HR and PAF or hiring form
Transitional Allowance (Department)NNNNYPAF (Personal Action Form) and justification for allowance
Uniform AllowanceNANNNYLetter of agreement/or contract agreement/Or Receipts from payment