Outreach Project Portfolio

Business Analysis
Project Department Status
Business Process Document Knowledge Transfer System
Assisting the departments in documenting and analyzing their business processes and procedures.
FSO In Progress
UAccess Learning Phase 2
FSO Initiatives and Outreach is assisting instructors and learners with Financial Services training courses and providing assistance with on-boarding additional training units in the new UAccess Learning system.
FSO In Progress
Financial Management Accounting and Object Code Class
FIOT is assisting the Financial Management unit of FSO in developing new and improved classes for campus UAccess Financials users that focuses on accounting concepts and object code usage.
FSO In Progress
UAccess Financials Upgrade Analysis
FIOT is coordinating analysis efforts for the anticipated UAccess Financials upgrade. FSO is looking at new functionality and enhancements in the latest version of Kuali Financials System and comparing those to it's business processes in preparation for upgrading the financials system.
FSO In Progress
Develop training materials - DV, Travel, Foreign Payment
Providing handouts for FSO training sessions.
FSO Complete
Business Officer Training Analysis
FSO Initiatives and Outreach is gathering requirements and performing analysis to determine what training classes are required for Business Officers to perform job requirements.
Campus Complete
FSO DocuWare Upgrade Training
FIOT assisted FSO IT's initiative for upgrading DocuWare to the latest version by providing end user training and tailored user guides.
FSO Complete
Gap Analysis for Office of Global Initiatives and TEM
The Office of Global Initiatives is exploring ways to make the university travel process more efficient. Based on their requirements for an "all-in-one" travel system, FIOT provided a fit-gap analysis and live demonstration with the latest version of Kuali's Travel, Entertainment and Moving module.
Campus Complete
UAccess Learning Phase 1 - Pilot
FSO Initiatives and Outreach is assisting with testing, setup and coordinating FSO's involvement as a pilot unit for the new UAccess Learning system.
FSO Complete
Project Management
Project Department Status
Business Officer Training
FSO Initiatives & Outreach and UITS Workshops and Training Team are collaborating to develop a centralized Business Officer Training Curriculum that assists users in utilizing the financial system.
Campus In Progress
Mobile Asset Tracking Phase 3
Phase 3 enhances the MAT Titan and iOS Applications used for inventory scanning and audit compliance.
FSO In Progress
PCard Violation Center
Enhance the Titan application that tracks PCard Violations for PCard Administration and PCard Compliance units.
FSO In Progress
Surplus Auction Retail System
FSO Initiatives and Outreach is working with PACS to explore options for a fully integrated Surplus and Auction System.
FSO Initiated
Post Issuance Compliance
Researching best practices for post issuance compliance and providing detailed analysis on optimal post issuance strategies for the University of Arizona.
FSO On Hold
Insurance Certificates
This project seeks to optimize the insurance certificates process for PACS.
PACS On Hold
Travel Entertainment and Moving (TEM) Module
Providing quality assurance testing for a KFS module and analyzing best practices for campus-wide implementation.
Campus Complete
Special Handling Log
Update and automate the process of customers picking up checks from Operations with a Titan application and signature pad.
FSO Complete