Work Flow Processes Ad-Hoc Routing (FYI and Acknowledgement)

I was ad-hoc routed something and every time I acknowledge/fyi it the document still remains in my action list. I've ack/fyi it many times and the doc just won't go away.

This happens on multiple documents and is a known issue. The best way to resolve this is to have the person who keeps receiving the ack/fyi  open the document, go to the Ad Hoc Recipients tab, and delete the ad-hoc to you. Then reload the document. If the problem persists, please have each member in the route log remove the Ad Hoc, and then approve it.

Is an Ad-Hoc FYI or Acknowledgement the same as granting approval? If I receive an FYI or Acklg and I'm a fiscal officer already in the route log, do I have to "approve" both?

An ad-hoc does not qualify as an official approval. If official approval is necessary the fiscal officer (for example) should be routed for approval, not ad-hoc routed. If you need to officially approve a document to continue processing and receive both an ad-hoc and a request for approval, you need to complete both. If you complete just the approval, the ad-hoc will remain in your action list. If you just acknowledge the ad-hoc the request for approval will remain in your action list and routing will be incomplete.

How can a faculty member track the progress of their documents?

They can search for their Enroute docs just like final or paid docs. Enter the document type into the "Type" field and enter any criteria that they have to search for their document. From there, go to the "Route Log" tab to see where the document is in processing.