I'm completing an order in BuyWays and when I click "Proceed to UAccess Financials" I get this error:
"The system is unable to complete your request at this time." What do I do?

Please clear your browser, cache, and temporary internet files. If you still receive the error please switch to a different browser, specifically Internet Explorer (IE). If neither works the system might be down and UITS can be contacted.

What do I do if I my order was incorrect (i.e receiving quantity of goods greater than ordered or receiving unordered goods)?

In UAccess Financials, when a quantity of goods received is greater than ordered, you will enter the total of goods received in the "QTY Received" field of the Line Item Receiving Document. If you are returning the excess items, you will need to contact the vendor to return the items.

If unordered item(s) are received and you plan on keeping the unordered items, create a POA e-doc. If you will be returning the item(s), you will get a RMA from the vendor. DO NOT use the Unordered Items field, but put a note on the PO that you received this item and will be returning it on RMA #. DO NOT use the QTY Returned field even if you are planning on returning the excess items. You will need to contact the vendor to return the items.