The Fiscal Officer/Any Approver is no longer here at the university but a doc was routed to them-- how do I get that doc approved?

If feasible, try to have the approver’s routing transferred to the new responsible party prior to them leaving the University of Arizona. However, if that is not an option, the best option is to have the correct fiscal officer set up in the system and then have the document requeued. Please contact FSO Initiatives and Outreach to help you with this process.

I just set up an account delegate model in the system and now some of the accounts I created before the model don’t have the same permissions, did I miss a step in the process?

Once you finalize a global account delegate model in the system it overrides any previous account delegation for those accounts. If you set up a global account delegate model previous delegates’ permissions were reset to conform to the model. If you just need one delegate’s permissions changed you can individually do that without affecting the remaining group.

Is there a global account delete like there is a global account delegate model? I need to delete my secondary delegates.

Unfortunately there is no way to mass remove delegations. If you have only a few accounts to change you can inactivate them by using the Account Delegate document. To do this search for your delegates, click edit, select inactivate, and then submit. If you are completely restructuring your delegation model you can utilize the account delegate global document.

I need to add a new fiscal officer/executive director, etc. to all of the accounts in my department-- how do I do that?

Use the Account Global document to make the change. However, make sure to include all the account information since this document will override previous delegations.

How do you deactivate a primary delegate and set up a new primary delegate?

You cannot create a primary delegate if there is already one active - so you will need to inactivate the existing primary delegate and then set up the new one using the Account Delegate function. A second option is using the Global Account Delegate, which will overwrite all the existing delegates including the secondary delegates. If you use the Global Account Delegate function, you will need to add all the delegates that you want on the account.