General Error Correction (GEC)

I'm creating a General Error Correction (GEC) on a sponsored account and it's asking me to fill out "the error certification" - I've never had to do this before - is this normal?

If the transaction in question was over 30 days old and posting on a federal funded account, or over 90 days for non-federal accounts, you will be prompted to fill out the error certification. If the document does not meet either of those guidelines, please contact FSO Initiatives and Outreach for further assistance.

I need to reverse a use tax, do I use a General Error Correction (GEC) or contact someone to reverse the error?

Please use the General Error Correction form to make corrections on use tax information.

I'm importing lines on a GEC and I keep getting a reference number/origin code error - what am I doing wrong?

One of two things could be happening. It could be a formatting issue where the origin code displays as one digit instead of 2 if the leading number is zero. After saving the .csv file with the 2 digits, do not open it again in Excel. Excel will reformat the file and drop the leading zeros.

The other reason could be if any line among the lines being imported has an error, all lines will return with an error message. Double check the detail in the .csv file and see if there is anything that would cause an error.

If neither of these solve the problem please contact FSO Initiatives and Outreach for further assistance.