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Operational Advance Tutorial Announcement

New! Operational Advance Tutorials, Checklists, and Best Practices

FSO, Sponsored Projects, and UITS are delighted to announce the release of our updated and expanded Operational Advance tutorials. You will find the new section in the UAccess Financials online tutorials under Payments & Reimbursements > Operational Advances

Interim Policy for International Travel Safety and Compliance

TO: Campus Community
FROM: Andrew Comrie, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
RE: Interim Policy for International Travel Safety and Compliance

Year-End Deadline

To help ensure payments are processed prior to the Holiday Closure, please forward all invoices, reimbursements or supporting documentation to Accounts Payable/Travel Office by Friday, December 14 at 10:00AM. Accounts Payable/Travel will continue to process documents through December 21, although, cannot guarantee that those received after the Dec 14 10:00AM deadline will be processed for payment prior to the closure.

Important Change to PayrollInfo Listserv Email Address

Due to a change to the listserv service, the Payroll customer service email address "payrollinfo [at] listserv [dot] arizona [dot] edu" will expire and will no longer be functional as of January 30, 2013.

Changes for Payee on DVs

Release 3.59 for UAccess Financials was successfully implemented over the weekend. In addition to the changes for Designated Campus Colleagues announced last week: http://uamosaicworkshops.ning.com/group/kualifinancialsystem/forum/topics/dcc-and-kfs-issues-are-being-resolved-1, the release contained several technical fixes and one major change affecting Disbursement Vouchers (DVs).

ASRS Refund Information

As communicated by Human Resources on May 11th, Governor Brewer signed House Bill 2264 into law on May 7, 2012. This new law reverses last year’s legislation mandating a 53/47 percent employee/employer split of the total Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) contribution rate. ASRS contributions have now returned to the historical 50/50 percent employee/employer split.  This change was reflected in your May 18, 2012 paycheck.

Notice regarding ASRS Contribution Rate and Refund

The link below describes a recent change to the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) Contribution Rate.

Change to Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) Contribution Rate and Refund Information


Arizona tax changes for 2010-2011

Effective with paychecks dated July 16, 2010, Arizona's payroll tax deductions will be changing. Through June 27, 2010, Arizona withholding was a percentage of the amount of federal income tax withheld. Beginning June 28, 2010, Arizona withholding is based on a percentage of gross taxable wages. "Gross taxable wages" is the amount that meets the federal definition of "wages" contained in IRC § 3401 and that will be included in box 1 of the employee's federal Form W-2 at the end of the calendar year.

Tax Scenario - Independent Contractor Expense Reimbursements

As part of the negotiated amount to perform services for the University, an Independent Contractor (Consultant) asks for a fee for services and "expense reimbursement". The department and Procurement agree and a purchase order is issued, but only the fee is encumbered. The independent contractor then submits an invoice and their original receipts to the department for payment at the completion of the assignment.

Tax Scenario - Moving Expenses

A faculty member accepts a position at the University to begin in August, but asks for a "pre-house-hunting" trip to be paid by the University as part of his/her package. The department agrees and writes the request into the employment contract.

Issue: Only the physical relocation of the faculty member's household goods falls within the permissible qualified expenses for moving. Thus, anything outside of this would be considered nonqualified and taxable to the individual.