FSO News

Changes to e-Forms on July 30

The Financial Services Office would like to inform the campus business community of the following changes coming to e-Forms.

Beginning Saturday, July 30, FSO will implement a new auto-numbering application to the following forms:

Regarding Payments on Behalf of DCCs

As a reminder, Purchasing Card Policy 8.1, Restrictions / Requirements / Limitations, does not allow payments on behalf of foreign visitors (Non-US Citizens or Non-Resident Aliens, who are not employees or students).

Payments to or on behalf of a foreign visitor, including travel related expenditures, must be processed through Accounts Payable. Refer to Financial Services Manual Policy 9.16, Payments to Non-Resident Aliens.

Fiscal Year-End Reporting of Inventories, Accounts Receivable and Unearned Revenues

The Financial Services Office is responsible for gathering information on the inventories, accounts receivable and unearned revenues or prepaid expenses throughout the University of Arizona for accurate reporting in the annual financial statements. Units that maintain balances in any of these categories are required to provide valuations with complete supporting documentation to the Financial Services Office.

Operational Advances - New Report Available

A new report is available to use for outstanding operational advances. This report is located in Analytics on the dashboard General – Financial Management: Overview tab under Reconciliation Reports on the far right hand side of the page.  Operational Advances can be searched by several fields including Employee Id.  The report will calculate the outstanding balance owed by using the original disbursement voucher less any documents used to partially settle the advance. Once the balance is cleared on an operational advance, it will no longer show on the report.  

New Reference Guides for Opening and Closing Accounts

In collaboration with the Budget Office and the Financial Services Office, new reference guides for opening and closing accounts are now available. They are located in the Financial Management Reference Section of the Financial Services webpage. See http://www.fso.arizona.edu/financial-management/adding-accounts.

Requests for Missing Documents

Financial Compliance is responsible for contacting PCard liaisons quarterly in order to inform departments of transactions that are missing backup documentation behind the Images File tab in UAccess Financials. This process allows for tracking and storing invoices in a timely manner. PCard Documentation is due no later than the 10th of the month following reconciliation to the monthly credit card statement. For example, if the billing end date on the statement is 11/6/15 (October Statement), the date these documents are due is 12/10/15.

Alert: Phishing Attempts 1/29/2016

Please be aware of the latest email phishing attempts circulating on campus, where the sender appears to be FSO asking employees to verify or update tax-related information. UA Information Security has provided screenshots of the messages here:

Santa Cruz Biotechnology is new University eInvoicing vendor effective December 7, 2015

In a continued effort to develop efficiencies for the University of Arizona, Accounts Payable announces Santa Cruz Biotechnology as a NEW University electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) vendor effective on December 7, 2015. Orders for Santa Cruz Biotechnology placed through Arizona BuyWays on or after December 7, 2015 will generate electronic invoices once the order has been shipped.

2015 AP/Travel University Closure Deadline

In an effort to ensure a successful 2015 University Closure, FSO/Operations will require all invoices, receipts and supporting documentation to be in our office by Friday, December 11th 2015 by 5:00 PM to ensure payment is issued prior to the closure.Our Mission is dedicated to processing as man

E-Forms and Google Chrome Update

Most modern browsers have their own proprietary PDF Viewer, which may cause E-Forms to malfunction or display incorrectly. For optimal results, E-Forms should always be used with the Adobe Acrobat/Reader Plugin within your browser of choice.

Unfortunately, the Adobe Acrobat/Reader Plugin is no longer supported in Google Chrome as of Sept 2015. Chrome users will have to disable the Chrome PDF Viewer, or use a different browser, in order to view E-Forms with Adobe Reader. To disable the Chrome PDF Viewer: