Document Clean-up in UAccess Financials

The FSO UAccess Financial Support team is in the process of cleaning up UAccess Financials.  There are currently over 5,000 saved documents that have been initiated and never submitted in UAccess Financials.  Over 2,700 of these saved documents are 200 days old or older.  The Chart of Accounts group will be cancelling these documents in the system starting January 27, 2014.

These saved documents currently show up in the initiators action list in UAccess Financials.  Once cancelled, these documents will no longer appear in the Action List of the initiator.  Non-transactional documents will be cancelled first.  This type of cleanup will now occur periodically and documents over 6 months old that are not submitted will be cancelled.

Should you have any question please call Ron Blank at (520) 621-5116 (FSO UAccess Support – Chart of Accounts).