Requisition and Object Code Information for Year End


Effective April 29, 2013 all UAccess Financial users will be able to enter purchase requisitions for “New Fiscal Year 2013/2014.” In order to enter a FY14 requisition:

  1. Log-in to UAccess Financials > Main Menu > Transactions > Purchasing >
  2. Open Requisition
  3. In the Document Overview tab, the Financial document detail will now show a dropdown menu that defaults to Year 2013 (current FY).
  4. If a Purchase Requisition needs to be encumbered in FY - 2013/2014, you will need to choose 2014 from the dropdown menu.   

For questions or concerns, please contact Procurement & Contracting Customer Service at 621-1747.


FSO will be handling all object code maintenance.  The process for creating new object codes does not change.  Please ensure that you use only the current year (FY13) object codes for processing this Fiscal year’s items.   Fiscal Year 2014 object codes will also be available for use on Fiscal Year 2014 requisitions. 

All sub-object codes in fiscal year 2013 that were active in the system as of Friday, April 26, 2013 will be carried forward into fiscal year 2014.

If you create new sub-object codes in Fiscal 2013 after 4/26/13 then it will also be necessary to create the sub-object code for 2014. 

For questions or concerns on Object and Sub-object Codes please contact your Fund Accountant.