Operational Advances - New Report Available

A new report is available to use for outstanding operational advances. This report is located in Analytics on the dashboard General – Financial Management: Overview tab under Reconciliation Reports on the far right hand side of the page.  Operational Advances can be searched by several fields including Employee Id.  The report will calculate the outstanding balance owed by using the original disbursement voucher less any documents used to partially settle the advance. Once the balance is cleared on an operational advance, it will no longer show on the report.  

In order for this report to work properly, the documents used to settle advances – which include general error corrections (GEC), distribution of income and expense (DI), and cash receipts (CR) - must have the “Org. Doc. #” field filled out on the document overview tab.  This field should contain the original disbursement voucher (DV) number used to obtain the advance; only the seven digit DV number should be typed in the field.

In addition, the documents Operational Advance Quick Reference and Roles and Responsibilities are available to you as a resource on the FSO and SPS websites.

If you have any questions about how this report works or on operational advances in general, please contact Marian Smith at 621-7738. Specific questions related to operational advances held on grants and contracts, IDC, and gift accounts should be directed to Kim Affolder in Sponsored Projects at 626-6314.