Requests for Missing Documents

Financial Compliance is responsible for contacting PCard liaisons quarterly in order to inform departments of transactions that are missing backup documentation behind the Images File tab in UAccess Financials. This process allows for tracking and storing invoices in a timely manner. PCard Documentation is due no later than the 10th of the month following reconciliation to the monthly credit card statement. For example, if the billing end date on the statement is 11/6/15 (October Statement), the date these documents are due is 12/10/15. When a department does not submit the documentation by the due date, Financial Compliance sends an email to the department liaison(s) with a list of transactions that need backup documentation.

If the department has already submitted the documentation to FSO at the time the email is received, the liaison needs to reply and provide a copy of the email confirmation from FSO that includes the transmittal form. This will allow Financial Compliance to verify that the documents were received, and the date will be used as a tracking device to see where the documents are in the scanning process. Reviewing the requested documentation helps prevent a large cumulative number of missing documents, which can lead to card(s) being suspended, particularly at year-end. Please contact compliance [at] fso [dot] arizona [dot] edu with any questions or concerns.