PCard Purchases for Employment Recruiting Travel

When using the PCard for employee recruiting travel expenses, provide the job number and/or the letter of invitation to interview for a specific job posting related to any employee/graduate/post doc employment recruiting travel. Only those expenses related to the initial recruiting trip may be included in Interviewing and Recruiting Expense. Expenses incurred on subsequent trips made prior to the employment start date are considered relocation expenses and must be processed through FSO Accounts Payable.

E-Forms Website Discontinued

The E-Forms service has been discontinued as of December 22, 2016. All forms can be found on the following department "forms" websites:

Changes to e-Forms on July 30

The Financial Services Office would like to inform the campus business community of the following changes coming to e-Forms.

Beginning Saturday, July 30, FSO will implement a new auto-numbering application to the following forms:

Regarding Payments on Behalf of DCCs

As a reminder, Purchasing Card Policy 8.1, Restrictions / Requirements / Limitations, does not allow payments on behalf of foreign visitors (Non-US Citizens or Non-Resident Aliens, who are not employees or students).

Payments to or on behalf of a foreign visitor, including travel related expenditures, must be processed through Accounts Payable. Refer to Financial Services Manual Policy 9.16, Payments to Non-Resident Aliens.

Requests for Missing Documents

Financial Compliance is responsible for contacting PCard liaisons quarterly in order to inform departments of transactions that are missing backup documentation behind the Images File tab in UAccess Financials. This process allows for tracking and storing invoices in a timely manner. PCard Documentation is due no later than the 10th of the month following reconciliation to the monthly credit card statement. For example, if the billing end date on the statement is 11/6/15 (October Statement), the date these documents are due is 12/10/15.