Changes to e-Forms on July 30

The Financial Services Office would like to inform the campus business community of the following changes coming to e-Forms.

Beginning Saturday, July 30, FSO will implement a new auto-numbering application to the following forms:

  • Travel Authorization Form
  • Travel Expense Report
  • Bookstore Service Billing
  • Printing Services Billing
  • Invoice
  • Receipt

As a result of this change, the current URLs for these forms will no longer function.  If you have any of the above forms bookmarked in your browser, you will need to obtain the new URL by going to the e-Forms website at on or after Saturday, July 30.

These changes are Phase 1 of a three-phase process to discontinue the current e-Forms website.  The primary factors driving this change are: 1) security vulnerabilities, 2) outdated PDF technology, 3) the constant evolution of university business forms and processes, and 4) the overall improvement of UA websites.

FSO will send additional communications as additional phases are implemented, which will include instructions for locating university business forms, and the eventual end date for the current e-Forms website.

If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact: eforms [at] fso [dot] arizona [dot] edu