E-Forms and Google Chrome Update

Most modern browsers have their own proprietary PDF Viewer, which may cause E-Forms to malfunction or display incorrectly. For optimal results, E-Forms should always be used with the Adobe Acrobat/Reader Plugin within your browser of choice.

Unfortunately, the Adobe Acrobat/Reader Plugin is no longer supported in Google Chrome as of Sept 2015. Chrome users will have to disable the Chrome PDF Viewer, or use a different browser, in order to view E-Forms with Adobe Reader. To disable the Chrome PDF Viewer:

  • In the Chrome address bar enter: chrome://plugins
  • Under Chrome PDF Viewer click "Disable"

With the Viewer disabled, PDF forms will be downloaded and can then be opened with Adobe Reader.

For other browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), the Adobe Acrobat/Reader Plugin is still available for now. To change your browser's plugin settings, follow these step-by-step instructions from Adobe, or ask your desktop support person for assistance.